Fit Tips

 Stress Free Staples 

Now that spring is finally here, are you still STRESSED that you are not where you want to be surrounding your weight or physical health? 

 Stress is defined as the importance or significance attached to a thing: emphasis: the physical pressure, pull, or other force exerted on one thing by another! 


Eating healthy food is only half of the story of good nutrition. Being in the ideal start to digest and assimilate food is the other half. You see when you are in a sense of feeling “ Stressed out,” part of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) response can become affected just by your frame of mind. The Central Nervous System that has the greatest influence on the GI function is the ANS which is responsible for getting the stomach ready for digestion by stomach churning and enzyme secretions which allow the digestive process to start flowing. This dynamic process aids in the nutrient absorption.  

The ANS also tells the body when to NOT be in digesting mode, such as when you are in a state of Fight or Flight response or there is no food in the belly. Consider it being the On and Off Switch to your gut!   

The part of your brain that turns ON stress turns OFF digestion. Yes that’s correct OFF! 

Studies have shown that various emotions can affect/interrupt the digestion process when you are consuming meals. So if you eat a meal " on the go" or while otherwise feeling rushed, eat a meal while thinking about your next project, or eat while feeling angry about or while feeling " the blues" the digestion and assimilation process of your nutirents can be adversely affected. 


This month I challenge you to question your de-stress strategies surrounding  your meal times.  

Below are a few FIT tips to adopting

Stress Free Staples around Meal Times

* Eat three meals a day. Strive to enjoy your meal for no less than 20 minutes. When you de-stress, you eat less! 

* Avoid eating on the GO! When your mind is in a state of go go go, your digestive system is turned off. Remember when stress is turned ON, digestion is turned OFF. 

* Avoid eating when you are upset or stressed, because your liver and digestion are adversely affected by negative emotions and may not digest that meal efficiently. 

* Eat in the area or room that is designed for eating in your home or work place. NOT in front of the TV or at your workstation. This can lead to mindless over eating. 

* Diffuse a pleasant aroma blend in your dining area about an hour before you begin eating. Suggested blends that stimulate the appetite and get the digestive juices flowing are lemon, coriander, sweet oranges, and mint. 

* After you are done eating, sit quietly for a few minutes; don’t immediately rush off to do the next assignment of the day.

 Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food~ Hippoctares