Wellness in Balance

Have you looked in your fridge lately— let alone your pantry? Together we will check expiration dates and learn how to pronounce the code names for the preservatives and chemicals that are in your food. If you want to clean out your insides, you must start with what is in the kitchen. Melissa will come to your home, go through everything that you have, explain the quality of the food and give you a healthy grocery list for foods that are higher in quality and beneficial for the body! Start Cleaning NOW!

Once your wellness at home is cleaned up, Melissa will take you to the grocery store of choice and give you an interactive nutrition education tours and help you fill your cart up with high quality foods that taste great! You will be guided through the store learning how to recognize higher quality foods versus lower quality foods.

You will learn what your body needs to perform at its best daily, how to set a weekly budget and put it into action by choosing the right foods for your nutritional needs. You will receive a handout of fruits and vegetables are in season, and learn how to save money by buying seasonal foods! Also learn about foods that could be potentially causing you harm! 

Start your Wellness off right by getting in Balance from the inside of your house to the inside of your grocery cart! 

Package total: $280

Cash, Check or Credit Cards are accepted

Payment Plans are Available upon Request